The Pariah Complex
The Pariah Complex
  • Audio Horror & Music

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    The breakdown


    • The Pariah Complex started as a solo project August 12th 2011. It is now a studio band with.
    • (Drummer)   Don Cadman ( Soulswitch, Former drummer at Mr.Bella, Former drummer at Nuera)
    • (Bassist) Travis Haar (Melodic Dissent bass & guitar)former guitarist at The Heartbreak Junkies, former guitarist at The Tell. Producer at (Samantics podcast)
    • (Guitar/Vocals) Mike (Pariah) Martin (former vocalist at NorthStar,former vocalist at Ire & Sentiment. 
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    Audio Horror & Podcast

    • The Pariah Complex series is an audio horror comic book. With foley work and sound design i hope to paint the walls red in the theater of the mind.
    • Fort Arawak podcast is an excuse for my wife and I to watch a horror movie than tear into it gushing about what we loved or hated.
    • Original short horror stories and deeper explinations of TPC episodes can also be found here.